Photos of Blue Hollow Mine and the Gemfields

Photo of the Blue Horizon

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Last updated 23 March, 2003.
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Underground Mining

Digging a new shaft. Tunneling underground. Looking up a 30' shaft. A long climb up a 40' ladder! Starting a new tunnel.

Uncut, Rough Sapphires

A piece of yellow sapphire in the rough. A 152ct piece of sapphire rough. This 40.3ct star sapphire was found in a bucket of wash at Blue Hollow in 2003. Preforming a stone, preparing to facet.


A pair of brolgas with their baby. A possum sleeping on my workbench! Frogmouth resting with its mate. Friendly Green Tree Frog. A non-venomous Black Headed Python.
A harmless Blind Snake. A venomous Western Brown Snake. A centipede in the sieve! A 5' (1.5m) Goanna getting a feed of duck eggs. Camel enjoying a dust bath.

General Interest

Peter crossing the finish line of the wheelbarrow derby. Retreat Creek in flood. The main track flooding after a storm.

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